Alshammary, Fadi Abdullah A

Fadi Abdullah A Alshammary

PhD Student
Project title: The investment banks influence on the degree of competition and concentration in the construction industry

His research focus lies in the areas of corporate financial strategy and corporate valuation (particularly Mergers & Acquisitions), market share, competition, monopoly/oligopoly strategies of emerging market firms, construction sector and construction economics.

His PhD research focuses on acquirers’ value creation and examines how value creation enhances the efficiency to the firm and shareholders. His also provides a theoretical argument and an empirical examination for the firm performance implication on market shares in emerging market firms.

Research objectives
• To critically evaluate the literature on industry competition, firm performance and merge and acquisition investments in emerging markets.
• To investigate the market impact of investment efficiency in the emerging market construction sector.
• To evaluate the performance of firms in emerging market construction sector and relation to the efficiency of investment.
• To evaluate the impact of investment on the degree of market share concentration in the construction market and profitability maximization.
• Analyse the use of investment finance in the emerging market construction sector.
• To provide framework aimed at establishing a connection between investment size and scale of competition in emerging market construction sector, and the impact on market share of the firm’s efficiency in the emerging market construction sector.