AlHamali, Abdul Wahab

Abdul Wahab AlHamali

PhD Student
Project title: Impact of storage energy system on distribution network performance including penetration of renewable energy

This research work aims to study the performance of the distribution network subjective to high penetration of energy storage devices .

The main objectives of this research in particular are to investigate the operability and feasibility of different energy storage systems into the distribution network, including review of all storage systems and its scale of installation. Then designing a UK typical distribution network including high penetration of renewable sources and energy storage systems located at different places within the networks, for example, on feeders or either sides of the distribution transformers, after that studying the network performance under different operating scenarios, and evaluating the impacts of the potential intermittent resources and storage elements on the network assets and stability (voltage and frequency).

Finally to design a robust control technique that can manage the network assets under the existence of variable sources and changeable load profiles along with technical challenges come from integrating various storage elements.