Al-Harbi, Rahma Mogbel

Rahma Mogbel Al-Harbi

PhD Student
(Cellulases are the third most widely used group of enzymes obtained from microbial sources. Despite the large number of microorganisms available to degrade cellulose, few bacterial sources can be produced in sufficient quantities to completely hydrolyze cellulose. The present study was undertaken to investigate and identify cellulolytic bacteria found in agriculture waste in a state of anaerobic digestion.
For the purposes of the study, bacterial isolates were obtained from three samples of cattle slurry: (1) fresh, prior to treatment; (2) after one month of anaerobic digestion; (3) after six months of anaerobic digestion. We employed the Sanger Sequencing Method of detection for plasmid isolation from bacterial isolates, to identify bacteria up to the genus level, using the 16 S rRNA PCR technique.
Of all isolates, most of the bacteria identified belonged to genera Bacteroides, Clostridium, Enterobacter, Lactobacillus ,Bifidobacterium, Klebsiella, Staphylococcus and Campylabacter)