Manisha Ajmani

PhD Student
Project title: Optical communication system for indoor positioning and tracking

This research focuses on developing a low-cost alternative to existing indoor positioning systems by proposing an indoor positioning algorithm based on Optical Wireless Communication (OWC) technology using Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) under the supervision of Dr. Sinan Sinanovic (DoS) and Dr. Tuleen Boutaleb (2nd Supervisor). This algorithm addresses the overlapping light beam problem that results in loss of information and decrease in accuracy of position estimation by translating the overlapping regions to generate more reference points for location assignment, thus decreasing error in position estimation. Also, being based on the principle of OWC, this technology is immune to multipath interference and attenuation effects, and can be simultaneously used for data transmission and illumination. Thus, applying this technology to health and extended help to dementia affected people is an intriguing idea. This technology can be used in large facilities like hospitals, convenience stores, manufacturing units and apartments to locate large objects or people by installing OWC based indoor positioning system using LEDs.