Adam Craig

Project title: Advanced audio technology for creation for environmental sound maps.

Adam’s research aims to investigate how cutting edge audio technology in 3D sound spatialisation and source identification may be used to develop accurate acoustic models of environmental noise.

The creation of environmental sound maps is an extremely important field of study in order to gauge and possibly improve the quality of life for those living in areas where noise pollution is a detrimental factor. So far, sound maps have only been developed using statistical data, such as traffic volume, population etc. but this PhD research topic aims to create actual binaural recordings in order to capture more accurate data for analysis. Not only can the data can then be used to create 3D imaging of noise across a predetermined area, but allow for subjective analysis of how disturbing, annoying etc. everyday noise is to the people it affects most.

His objectives of the thesis are:

Model environmental sound fields in 3 dimensions.
Comparison of model data with DEFRA noise maps to measure accuracy and relevance of existing noise maps.
Produce environmental noise data at a local level that could impact planning guidance.
Produce an interactive audio tool for communicating information on environmental noise to the public.