Why did you choose to study a PhD at Glasgow Caledonian?

I had previously been aware of GCU’s positive research impact which has a major contribution to my work. Support networks such as the award-winning Caledonian Club help me to bring together participants for research, which makes a huge difference in the planning and delivery of my research. 

What are/did you enjoy most about life at the university?

I’ve always enjoyed making games and getting them in the public’s hands, and I’m glad that attitude is transposed in my studies. I’m enjoying seeing young people playing and enjoying my games, and at the same time learn something new to tell their friends and parents. It’s what I make games for!

What are/did you enjoying most about your PhD studies?

Working with undergraduate students and sharing my experiences with them has been a lot of fun. I enjoy seeing students grow into professionals and develop confidence in their skills. To be even a small part of that has been very enjoyable, and has encouraged me to continue my personal development towards a career as an academic.

What is your best experience so far?

I’m an advocate for encouraging students to see their work as something beyond coursework. Most recently, I have helped students to show off their coursework at a national, public event. They now share my enthusiasm for this philosophy, and hopefully, will continue to develop their coursework in a way to demonstrate to the public!

What advice do you have for people considering applying to study a PhD at GCU?

A PhD is a massive commitment. Whether it’s full-time or part-time, you will spend most of your days thinking about your research. It will be draining, but this should not scare you: the positives outweigh the negatives! If you have a resilient attitude and are driven to contribute knowledge that you feel passionate about, then you should feel qualified to do a PhD.

What do you think about Glasgow?

I’m local to Glasgow, having been raised in Cumbernauld. Glasgow is an active city with plenty of events and places of interest to explore. Transport is quick, convenient and regular: you feel connected. For many, it’s a home away from home, which is a testament to its friendliness and inclusivity. As long as you don’t mind the rainy days, you’ll fit right in!

What single word sums up your GCU experience so far?


What do you plan to do after you complete your PhD, what are your career aspirations?

I plan to continue in academia and research, particularly in helping students realise their potential and build their confidence to enter the graduate market.