‌Within the Engineering and Energy Systems Research Area, research spans Diagnostic Systems and SensorsEnergy and Power Systems; and Design, Process and Manufacturing.
Our work includes the development of an R&D collaboration in optoelectronics with FMC Technologies R&DPower tracker patented technology developments, multiple Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTPs) including those with Scot Rail and Shearwater Marine Services, EU funded projects and renewable energy research projects, many of which our PhD students have working on.

3MT winner

GCU expertise includes condition monitoring of power cables and motors to prevent power plant failures.  Research conducted by GCU has changed the way power cables and motors are monitored in EDF Energy’s nuclear power stations, providing innovative techniques enabling the identification of insulation defects and improvement of its maintenance programme. Application of the research has helped companies enhance practice in PD testing, reduce maintenance and repair costs by millions of pounds whilst reliably supplying power.