‌Hani Almadni studied MSc Maintenance Management

"The MSc Maintenance Management programme was a big step towards the improvement in my academic knowledge in this area and I reached this level due to the academic excellence of the programme and the supportive academic staff.  It was such a  great experience to study my MSc at GCU and living in Glasgow which has a huge welcome. I am a currently a PhD student at GCU and I would recommend GCU to anyone considering study in Glasgow"


Patrick Ogah
Patrick Ogah

Patrick Ogah studied MSc Applied Instrumentation & Control

Why did you choose your programme at GCU
From personal research and interaction with a few friends who happen to be alumni of GCU, I discovered that the MSc Applied Instrumentation and Control Engineering programme is most suitable for me. The modules being taught are in line with my past experience as an Instrumentation and Control Graduate Trainee with Chevron Nigeria Limited. I have so far acquired in depth and broadened knowledge about Instrumentation and Control.

What are you enjoying most about life at the university?
The cultural diversity and friendly atmosphere makes it a lot easier for me to thrive at the university. The school libraries are comfortable, organized and properly sectioned. I love being at the school library.

What are you enjoying most about your programme?
I enjoy the holistic and practical approach being given to the programme. 

Do you belong to any university clubs or societies?  If so, which ones?
I belong to the Nigerian Students Society

What is your best experience so far?
My best experience so far has got to be the quiz night session I attended; it was organized by the Christian students association.

What advice do you have for people considering applying to university?

If you are looking to study at a university with quality research, comfortable libraries, beautiful atmosphere of multicultural and friendly people, don’t think twice, GCU is the place to be.

What do you think about Glasgow?
Glasgow is a metropolitan city. It has an amazing city centre with one of the largest concentration of shops in the UK. 

What single word sums up your GCU experience so far?

What do you plan to do after you graduate/what are your career aspirations?
I seek to be part of an organization where I can apply the technical, critical, analytical and teaming skills I have acquired on this programme and over the course of my career. Pending when I get the opportunity, I also plan on commencing a business in my home country where I can transfer some of my acquired experiences via a training institute rendering services at both primary, secondary and tertiary levels of education.