Oluwabukola Ayinla
Oluwabukola Ayinla

Oluwabukola Ayinla - studying MSc Applied Instrumentation and Control

Why did you choose your programme at GCU?
I choose GCU because they offer the course Applied Instrumentation and Control which I had in mind and it is Scotland where the cost of living is low. The fee was also cheaper compare to the others and I had a lady that gave me a push in my application which made it so smooth and easy for me.

How are you finding your studies on this programme?
The programme is quite interesting taxing, tough, stressful but I find myself coping and that’s the most important thing.

What are you enjoying most about life at the university?
I love the fact that there is a 24 hours’ library, the internet connection is also great and you can find a computer system almost in every area of the school.

What are you enjoying most about your programme?
I am enjoying learning about relevant modules that are helpful and that you can relate to in real time experience and being exposed to the use of certain software like LabVIEW and PHM etc.

Do you belong to any university clubs or societies?  
Nigerian Student Society (NSS)

What advice do you have for people considering applying to university?
It’s a nice place to be.  Be serious minded and your will achieve what so ever you desire and there is plenty of fun if you care to be part of it. The environment is conducive for learning and everybody here is nice and always willing to help you, if you ask for it.

What do you think about Glasgow?
Glasgow, it’s a very cold place, where you meet lovely people and love the environment and there so many places for sight seeing even though am yet to explore them all fully. 

What single word sums up your GCU experience so far?

What do you plan to do after you graduate/what are your career aspirations?
I plan to get a good job by Gods grace, in an engineering company, to gain experience related to my field of study and most especially in the Oil and Gas sector.

Christopher Holland
Christopher Holland

Christopher Holland - studied BEng (Hons) Electrical Power Engineering

Why did you choose your programme at Glasgow Caledonian?

As a former electrician my aspiration was to move in to the High Voltage sector. I felt that the power engineering degree provided by GCU covered all the relevant aspects for a career in High Voltage engineering. I am currently employed by Amey as an Assistant Project Manager, managing all aspects of construction projects for substations within the UK Transmission Network. The power degree did not only provide my with a foot in the door but has proved to be invalubal during my inisial months of my new career.

What did you enjoy the most about life at the university?

I felt that the open doors policy that the Lecturers operate along with the warm and welcoming modern facilities at GCU help to make it feel like a home form home.

What did enjoy most about your programme?

The modules taught in our final year were really interesting and are directly applicable to most graduate power engineering careers. The balance between lectures and coursework allowed us time to apply the theory to practical issues raised within the engineering sector.

Do you belong to any university clubs or societies?  If so, which ones?

I’m currently a member of the Institute of Engineering and Technology (IET) and in the process of joining Institution of Engineers and Shipbuilders in Scotland (IESIS).

What was your best experience?

Completing my dissertation in conjunction with ScottishPower Renewables, analysing the proposition of an offshore Transmission Network, really was the highlight of my degree. It allowed me to apply the knowledge and analytical skills that I developed at GCU to a topical issue within the offshore renewables sector.

What advice do you have for people considering applying to university?

Look at what jobs are out there in the current market and what employers are looking for before choosing which degree to pursue.

What single word sums up your GCU experience so far?


Any other comments/experiences?

GCU’s strong links with industry is reflected in the number of global companies who support their employees to attend courses part time. As a full time student I felt that I benefitted from the part time students advice and up to date industry input.