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Matthew Murray
Matthew Murray
Why did you choose GCU? And your particular programme?

After spending a year at Aberdeen Gallowgate College studying an HNC in Sound Production, I wanted to continue my studies and make the step up to working towards an Audio Engineering degree. After researching numerous universities across the country, GCU was the clear front runner. It has the best, most rounded programme in Scotland - no other institute could provide a recognised honours degree and a broad skill set that equips you for the practical, hands on nature a future in the engineering industry entails. GCU’s flexible and diverse programme content places you head and shoulders above other graduates.

What did you enjoy most about life at GCU?

What I loved most about my time at GCU was the chance to get involved in an unrivalled number of diverse clubs and societies. The Fresher’s Fair is hosted at the start of each year, and is an opportunity for students to check out the range of clubs and societies available. The Muay Thai boxing club and Radio Caley Society are my two personal favourites, and I’ve spent much of my time at GCU being a part of both. These clubs gave me a creative and professional outlet- a chance to relax while being a part of something fun and engaging. The Radio Society also served me well as experience for my future career, as well as a platform to meet others in my position and to apply my technical abilities through radio. Joining a society doesn’t necessarily mean running around a field with the rugby club - the diversity and choice available to students of all tastes is massive. You’re guaranteed to find a club that allows you to meet others who share your passion- be it drama, radio presenting, magazine writing… or tiddlywinks! (This club must surely exist).

What did you enjoy most about your course?

One of my third year modules was the brilliantly constructed Game Sound module, during which we designed from scratch the soundscape for a video game level, designing the atmosphere and ambience in both the game’s background audio and action sequences. It was a challenge to generate sounds using both Foley and edited audio clips that were to be, by design, ‘unheard’ so as not to disrupt the player’s immersion. It was a great chance to see how flexible the degree really was and how it could be successfully applied to a huge breadth of different multimedia industries; from live broadcast to audio engines in computer games. GCU also has plentiful connections with leading production companies- and their relationship with SVGTV has given me the invaluable opportunity to work as a broadcast engineer during the Commonwealth Games 2014. 

Do you belong to any GCU clubs or societies?

I was a radio presenter and committee member at Radio Caley for four years; I played Squash with GCU’s Squash club for two years and was Vice Captain and a keen Muay Thai trainee with GCU Muay Thai!

What was your best experience at GCU?

During my third year, myself and the Radio Caley committee flawlessly completed an 8 hour long Outside Broadcast from the Emirates Arena during the 9th Annual Glasgow Taxis Cup. We were the only student station in Glasgow performing a task of this magnitude; taking vox pops, commentary feeds and interviews from all across the city; producing 8 hours of rich radio content mixed live from our hub in the Emirates Arena. The event was a blinding success and I’m extremely proud to say that we were the only station with the manpower and expertise to produce a broadcast that was solely student run and was industry worthy.

What advice do you have for people considering applying to university?

There is absolutely no rush! Don’t worry about delving straight into something straight away, weigh up your options and try to get some work experience in something you think might interest you as a possible career before you committing to one particular course! It’s all about the experience – it’ll make you even happier once you get accepted for your dream degree because you’ll know for a fact that it’s exactly what you’d like to do. The experience continues at GCU, with work placement opportunities being available to many programmes.

What do you think about Glasgow?

For me, Glasgow is without a doubt the best city to live out your student years. It’s bursting with character, modern culture and full of brilliant people. The nightlife and social scene is unrivalled, where you’re guaranteed a great night and music to suit every taste- even on a budget. There’s no competition from any other student city - if you don’t mind a bit of rain!

What single word sums up your GCU experience?