Accredited by Joint Audio Media Education Support (JAMES), Audio at GCU is multidisciplinary drawing on extensive creative and technology expertise.  Highly qualified staff have extensive background knowledge in international methods of surround sound recording and audio signal processing: ensuring that all bases are covered when it comes to audio-related projects.

Over the last few years, investment of over £80k has enabled the build-up of an impressive range of facilities such as dual boot iMacs running industry standard software such as Pro-Tools but pushing the boundaries of audio development using such tools as Max/MSP, the Arduino system and MatLab. Students can now explore and develop advanced audio systems at the forefront of audio technology.

Established partnerships with companies such as Celtic Connections, Wolfson, the BBC and STV Glasgow allow students to obtain hands on experience in real life scenarios. 

Why study Audio at GCU
  • Both courses are accredited by the Joint Audio Media Education Support (JAMES), which assures potential students of the value of the courses to the related industries.
  • All of our UG programmes have the opportunity to participate in a six month or year-long industrial placement.
  • You have the option to spend part of your studies at one of our overseas partner universities.
  • Our staff have an open door policy and welcome questions from students out with scheduled lectures.
  • 90% of Audio Technology students go on to work or further study 6 months after graduation
  • 95% of Audio Systems Engineering students go on to work or further study 6 months after graduation.
  • Our students get hands on experience at a range of live events – find out more at their Facebook page