Training Partnership Degrees

What GCU Offers
The IT Management for Business (ITMB) degree teaches an employer-designed blend of IT, business, project management and interpersonal skills most in demand by graduate recruiters. Whether you would like to become a technology consultant, work in banking, marketing, IT management and more, the ITMB degree is perfect for those that want to start a successful career in a digital economy.
On top of the skills you will gain from the course, you will get the chance to attend exclusive ITMB events, joining hundreds of other ITMB students from universities across the UK and meet employers from a huge range of organisations. Be the first to hear about placement, careers and ways to enhance your employability skills. 
Software developing is the science of using computers to solve complex problems, whether that's writing a program that makes a robot move, designing a database that finds patterns in medical data, or developing a new app for smartphones.
The Software Development for Business degree is accredited by graduate employers who have designed the curriculum to give you the mix of technical and professional skills that the tech sector is looking for. This degree is ideal for future techies who want the added opportunity to learn the project management and communication skills required to work in a technology and business environment.
Why study a Tech Partnership Gold Degree at GCU
Networking opportunities
The network of Tech Partnership degrees students, employers and alumni is growing fast. Over 2,000 students have networked with potential employers from over 90 companies - including Dell, IBM, Ford 

Exclusive Placements
Exclusive placements for Tech Partnership degrees students are available, from a summer job at Wimbledon to business projects at huge tech companies such as Intel, SAS, and many more.

A strong community
Connect with 100s of like-minded students with a passion for tech at GCU and other universities through annual networking events and the brand new TP Chat app.

Great results
82% of ITMB and SDfB graduates received a First Class or 2.1 degree in 2015.

The latest tech-industry insights
Alongside lectures from GCU lecturers, you'll get access to online talks from Industry Gurus – inspirational and leading figures in the tech world - to get a real-world understanding of life in tech.