The GCU chemistry laboratories provide a first class learning environment. The learning and teaching benefits of these facilities include:

  • experience of working in the laboratories has been unanimously positive, reflected in a 91% satisfaction for equipment and facilities*
  • quality of experimental data collected during laboratory classes is reliable and consistent - this is a result of clean atmospheric environment, new power and water supply
  • lab utilisation has increased with teaching labs being used for tutorial sessions, class tests and IT-based classes
  • for Forensic Microscopy, each microscope is connected to a computer and the computer connected to the GCU network allowing data to be collected and saved directly onto a network drive
  • data can be accessed remotely for assessment using the IT/AV facility projecting lab project data directly onto the screen on view to the whole class
  • interactive boards are ceramic and resistant to chemical attack. The data on the screen can be saved, e-mailed, printed, etc. 

* 2009/10 National Student Survey

How to hire

Our forensic labs are available for hire for training or conferences. The lab details are as follows:

  • Teaching labs : 1 large plus 2 small
  • Instrument labs: Chromatography lab, Molecular Spectroscopy lab and Atomic spectroscopy lab (capacity 26 in large and 15 in small)
  • Key equipment: AV/IT/Wi-Fi in all labs. Large lab has demonstration bench with live camera projection.

To enquire about hiring our labs contact Audrey Meikle, Business Development Management.