Chemical Sciences

Study chemical science, forensic investigation and environmental forensics at Glasgow Caledonian University and enjoy an internationally-renowned experience. With partners in Europe and North America, the university can help you arrange study abroad and international exchange experiences and we enjoy welcoming our forensic science and criminal justice summer school onto campus each year.

Our world-class chemistry and biology labs and cutting-edge research positions us within the top 10 UK universities for forensic science. Choose GCU and master the skills and gain the experience that helped previous students into careers in forensic science, criminal investigation, environmental science, pharmaceuticals, health and policy. 

Study abroad

As a GCU forensic science undergraduate student, you have the opportunity to spend a year abroad in Europe or the USA gaining hands-on experience in chemical sciences. For international students looking to experience the UK, check out our forensics summer school.

International scholarships

Our student and teaching community is an international one, and we work hard to ensure that we continue to bring the right people together from across the globe. Join us this year and receive a guaranteed £1,000 off the cost of your undergraduate or postgraduate taught tuition fees.

Summer school

Join us for the International Forensic Science and Criminal Scotland summer school and study the forensic science methods that contribute to the criminal justice system in Scotland. You will learn lots and have a bonny time getting to see some of our famous sights and the insides of our court and prison services.