Expertise and Facilities

‌‌The School of Computing, Engineering and Built Environment cover a wide spectrum of modelling and testing in key areas such as energy consumption and efficiency where a variety of equipment can look at the performance of a building or material or in the testing of human emotions to software such as gaming. The school has its own eMotionlab to unobtrusively monitor and conduct tests in a “living room “ type controlled environment. The above offers only a couple of examples of the School of Computing, Engineering and Built Environment's world-class facilities. To explore what we can offer click on the links below or contact our business development managers:-

Environmental Chamber

This impressive piece of equipment places the school at the forefront of UK research into the performance of building materials and diagnostic methods of testing material failure.


The twin environmental chamber allows materials, up to 2.5 metres square, to be placed in simulated conditions encompassing every type of weather our climate can produce, including the effects of freezing and thawing, high humidity, driving rain and solar heating (the chamber can be programmed to reach temperatures of -20°C and go up to 40°C).  The impact on materials- whether a single brick, block, material sample or part of a wall can be evaluated by the Centre’s skilled staff.

The British-made equipment is the only one of its kind in the UK and it is currently used to offer services to companies involved in the manufacture of building materials, especially external finished (renders, cladding and the like) and insulations systems.  Safety and protective clothing can also be tested for its weatherproof qualities.

eMotion Lab

The eMotion Laboratory is a unique facility available to Caledonian Creates' clients. Developed to capture the subtle palette of human emotion, the lab examines players' physiological measures of involvement with games. Monitoring pupil dilation and game pad techniques the lab is totally unobtrusive, with experiments taking place in a living-room style setting.

Typical clients are leisure-based software developers, those building emotionally contingent business applications, and health technology professionals. In six months, Microsoft, Genuine Games and Onisoft have all worked with the games team.

Mercury Porosimeter

The mercury intrusion porosimeter allows the accurate measurement of microstructural characteristics (pore size, structure and distribution) of porous materials. These properties impact on aspects of performance such as moisture movement, heat transfer and durability. The equipment can also be used to measure compressibility of non-porous materials such as insulation materials. This is the only porosimeter in Scotland.

Particle Imaging Velocimetry, with Laser Induced Fluoresence

The equipment allows the measurement accurately and non-invasively fluid flows and temperature fields within fluid flows (air, water and others). Current research applications include measurement of heat transfer and air flows in solar collectors and cavity walls.

Scanning Electron Microscope

Using a High Energy beam of electrons  the SEM produces high resolution images in 2D, revealing details about 3nm in size. The magnification range is from about 25times to 250,000 times.

Thermal Conductivity

This equipment allows the rapid and precise determination of the thermal conductivity of materials ranging from insulation to dense concrete. This is the essential parameter that affects the energy efficiency of buildings. The equipment is used both in research and development of advanced materials and for consultancy work.

Thermal Imaging Camera

The thermal imaging camera is used to carry out rapid surveys of buildings to determine the quality of the insulated envelope.  It can pick up defects in design and installation that lead to increased heat loss and risks of condensation and mould within the building.

Chemical Analysis Services Including Toxicology and Microscopy

GCU offer consultancy/ research services providing toxicology, microscopy and other chemical analysis services, mainly to industry and public bodies, particularly in the Pharmaceutical Environmental and Forensic sectors. Caledonian Advanced Microscopy & Analytical Services (CAMAS) is the in-house consultancy within GCU offering expertise and instruments, chemical testing and advice to our clients.