Adjudication Reporting Centre

Following the introduction of the Housing Grants Construction and Regeneration Act of 1996, Glasgow Caledonian University set up a UK wide Adjudication Reporting Centre which could gather data on the progress of adjudication and disseminate this back to the construction and property industries. This has been supported by the Adjudication Nominating Bodies (ANBs) which are asked periodically to complete a detailed questionnaire and return it to the Centre.

The first phase of the research (Report 1) was to consider who were instigating the adjudications, how many there were and how the adjudication process was developing.

The second phase (which can be found in Report 2) seeks to provide more information about the adjudications themselves by collecting data from adjudicators who are invited to respond confidentially to the Centre.

Report 3 considers the trends in the number of adjudicators and the number of adjudication referrals.