Collaborations and KTPS

The School has an impressive history of collaboration with private and public organisations at every level from small cooperatives to large international companies including:

  • Doble: Condition Monitoring
  • AppleGreen Homes: Energy efficient housing of the future
  • ScotRail: Maintenance Practices
  • SPT: Use of heat from unwanted water
  • Geckotech: Tunnel Inspection using image processing
  • SST Sensing: Development of a new gas sensor
  • Stream Technologies: Developing a Radio- Frequency Identification solution
  • Howden: Modelling of Oil Injected Compressors
  • IBM and CGI: work based degree programmes
Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP)

A KTP is a relationship formed between a company and an academic institution ('Knowledge Base' partner), which facilitates the transfer of knowledge, technology and skills to which the company partner currently has no access. KTPs can vary in length from six months to three years, depending on the needs of the business and the desired outcomes. The KTP scheme was launched in 1975 and is currently funded by around 15 Government organisations led by the Technology Strategy Board.

KTP is a UK-wide programme enabling businesses to improve their competitiveness, productivity and performance. Business performance outputs vary considerably from case to case, given the variety and type of projects. Latest information shows that, on average, the business benefits that can be expected from a single KTP project (typical duration 6-36 month) are:

An increase of over £240,000 in annual profits before tax

The creation of two genuine new jobs

An increase in skills of existing staff 

Case studies

The School of Computing, Engineering and Built Environment has an impressive history of collaboration with private and public organisations at every level, from small cooperatives to large international companies.

Examples of some of our work with business:

For further information on ways we can work with you and your organisation contact Colin Murchison, Associate Dean of Business Development by email -