Adjudication Reports

The Adjudication Reporting Centre reports on the progress of adjudication in the UK. These reports examine trends in the number of adjudication nominations and on various aspects of the adjudication process.

For use by the construction and property industries, these reports contain data supplied by the Adjudication Nominating Bodies (ANBs) and by adjudicators directly.

The first report examines the number of adjudications, their instigators and how the adjudication process was developing. Report 2 makes use of data provided confidentially by adjudicators to give a more detailed insight into the adjudication process. Subsequent reports continue these themes, monitoring new and existing trends year on year.

Glasgow Caledonian University created the Centre in 2000 following the introduction of the Housing Grants Construction and Regeneration Act in 1996.

The development of Statutory Adjudication in the UK and its relationship with construction workload

This paper tracks the development of Statutory Adjudication in the UK since its inception in 1998. The paper is based on the data contained in the reports below. It considers how the nature of disputes has changed over the course of 12 years as parties have grown familiar with the process, how it has been utilised during a period of recession in construction and the re-emergence of the criticality of cash flow as firms attempt to cope with increased competition and reduced margins. 

Research carried out between 2000 and 2010