Frances Garven

Frances Garven is a Chartered Statistician, Chartered Scientist and experienced Data Scientist who is fluent in the use and teaching of statistics, Excel, statistical software such as SAS, SPSS, WEKA, and MINITAB, as well as being a skilled programmer. Qualifications include an MSc in 'Analysis of Repeated Measures Data', an MSc in Software and Systems, a certification in Decision Trees and Rule Based Segmentation, and a Security Testing Associate (Distinction) for Ethical Hacking certification. Current interests include computer networks and security and in particular the visualisation and monitoring of network traffic for malicious activity and intrusion. Frances began her career as a Chartered Statistician lecturing and providing consultancy in the application of statistical techniques and the use of statistical software systems such as MINITAB, SPSS and SAS to internal and external students and staff. She extended her portfolio by obtaining an MSc. in Software and Systems and developed an interest in the application of Data Mining Techniques using a variety of Data Mining software. Her current interest and personal development plan is in Computer Networks and Security as this field provides a very rich source of data and applications of statistical and Data mining techniques such as those used in the development of Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems that monitor networks and system activities for malicious activity.