Dr Michael Tong

Senior Lecturer and Head of Department
Michael is the Head of Department for Construction and Surveying. He is also the Programme Leader for the MSc International Project Management and MSc Construction Management programmes that are delivered in Glasgow, London and soon in Oman. He has worked in a number of high profile projects in the Far East, including the Hong Kong Airport and Shanghai Times Square. He teaches both undergraduates and postgraduates in the areas of Project Management, Research Methods, Construction Process Management and Supply Chain Management. Michael’s research interests include: Project Based Learning, Supply Chain Management, the management of Inter-organisational Relationships, Project planning tools & techniques, Skills development & training and Project Management Methodologies. He is involved with the International Council for Research and Innovation in Building and Construction (CIB), successfully organising and co-editing four international postgraduate research conferences. He has facilitated several project management CPD workshops for the CBES Group, Clark Contracts, and Glasgow Housing Association. He has also produced option and feasibility studies for the Modernising Construction Strategic Group and Constructing Excellence Scotland, and also worked as a project manager in the design and development of a dynamic integrated search facility. He is currently a Caledonian Scholar and a guest reviewer for the International Journal of Architectural Engineering and design Management and also reviewer for the CIB Built Environment Complexity Task Group.