Katrin Hartmann

Senior Lecturer
Katrin is a the International Lead in the Department of Computer Communication and Interactive Systems. She is a senior lecturer in Software Engineering and programme leader of the BSc (Hons) Software Development for Business programme. Katrin's interests lie in software development with an emphasis on the web platform and Software Engineering curriculum development. Currently Katrin teaches the Web Platform Development 2 module and is working on Cilogi, a web service for developing mobile guides for collections as well as on progressive web applications. She is certified by Cisco and Oracle for Java Programming and certified by 7safe as Certified Security Testing Associate (CSTA) and Professional (CSTP).

Previously Katrin has worked on the MANTCHI (Metropolitan Area Networked Teaching in Computer-Human Interaction) project and developed Showcase, a web-based interview training application for Business students.

She has worked collaboratively with local industry on KTPs (Knowledge Transfer Projects) which include a domain-specific search engine for the local e-commerce company TeleIT (now INDEZ Ltd.) and on middleware integration for a local tour operator.

She currently working on her HSK 3.