Dr Andrew Wood

Andrew is a Lecturer in the Department of Civil Engineering and Environmental Management.with interests in hydrology and water engineering. He joined GCU as a chartered civil engineer with more than 30 years’ consultancy experience in water and environmental engineering.

His experience in the UK includes the project management and hydraulic design of wetland improvement and water level management works. He has been involved in river remodelling and the design of riverbank revetments. His work has included the design of several low head and high head hydropower schemes. Andrew has undertaken numerous flood risk assessments at strategic and local level that has required hydrological and hydraulic river modelling. He has been involved in drainage modelling and design. Earlier in his career his projects included the development of water supply, sewage treatment and water resources.

Andrew spent 8 years working in Nepal on the management and design of small and large scale hydropower projects, also on water resources and village water supplies. A primary focus of the work was training local engineers and the transfer of skills.

More recently Andrew has developed expertise in hydrological rainfall-runoff modelling (including PhD studies Lancaster University), hydraulic river modelling, flood risk assessment for development planning and drainage modelling and design. His current research interests include data transfer to ungauged river basins with uncertainty.