Business & Customer Awareness

PDS0567Business awareness covers a range of skills and competencies relating to business activities. It relates not only to commercial practices, but also to the wider environment in which they take place, with which you will be familiar.

When attending an interview 99% of the time you will be asked; why you chose to work for this company? What makes this job attractive to you? Or what would you do in this current situation? They are all questions that can be answered by having a good business and customer awareness and if you can answer them well at the interview stage then it will massively boost your changes of landing a job.

Employers feel that graduates lack business and customer awareness skills however at CBS we have modules that base their work on this, as many of the courses are business management and this is and an essential part of the curriculum. So when you graduate you will hopefully have a good idea on what theses skills are and how they can be developed. The business and customer awareness skills include:

Basic understanding of the key drivers for business success – If you can identify with this then you will be regarded as most employable as you will have the business mind that employers are looking for. To identify the key drivers either on an application form or an interview shows that you can already identify with what you will be asked of in a real life situation.

PDS0212Importance of innovation – In business today companies have to constantly change due to the fast paced new economy. Technology has resulted in competitive advantage being reduced year by year so to understand the importance of this will show potential employers that you are knowledgeable about current affairs which will make you more suited for that environment.

Taking calculated risks – If you are able and confident to take calculated risks then this will improve your chances of employability as employers want managers that they have faith in when making decisions.

Customer satisfaction – As a student if is important to realise that customers are the reason jobs are available in the first place, if there were no customer then there would be no job so it is good to understand from a young age that customer satisfaction is paramount.

Global awareness – You should be able to identify yourself with global trends and markets. Most large organisations and multi national so it is useful to be aware of how major markets in the world are performing as you will eventually be involved within them.

Ethical sensibility - Many companies have different cultures as well as the customers. With this come different values and beliefs. They way you see a company is run and how decisions are made could be different from others so you need to have the ability to approach every situation individually so that all ethical considerations are met.

PDS2247Develop those skills. Have you ever...

  •  Done background research on areas that interest you?
  •  Kept up to date with newspapers and relevant websites?
  •  Been involved in a club/society with a budget and responsibility to others?
  •  Managed your own money and budgeting in a responsible way?
  •  Found out how a company that you do part time work for operates and how it differs from its competitors?