Types of Graduate Jobs

Graduate Training Schemes

Graduate training schemes are mostly associated with the largest employers in sectors such as Accountancy and Professional Services, Media, Engineering, Manufacturing, Transport, Retail and the Public Sector. Remember that a lot of companies also recruit outside their key activity, so an engineering firm may also recruit for other roles such as Finance, Marketing, Human Resources etc.

Training schemes can last up to three years and can include professional exams related to the role which are usually funded by the employer e.g. chartered accountancy exams. During this time you are employed by the company and commonly undergo rotational placements to build up your knowledge of the whole company, as well as expertise in your particular role.

Graduate Positions

Graduate positions relate to employment in companies where roles require graduate level skills, but where the company does not have a formal graduate training programme. These positions are likely to be advertised in the following places:

  • CareerHub@GCU
  • national and local newspapers
  • relevant journals
  • professional body websites
  • networking

Other Entry Level Positions

These positions are undertaken by graduates to build up experience in sectors where it may be very challenging to secure permanent, paid employment. These sectors may include Environment and Ecology, Media, Marketing, Cultural or Entertainment.

Many of these short term opportunities are sourced through effective networking, so you should build up your experience whilst at university to enhance your CV and create useful employer contacts.