Age - your rights:

AGE UK - Work and Learning - offers help and support with problems concerning discrimination and your rights, as well as information on job hunting.

CIPD factsheet on and employment - fact sheet on age and employment produced by the Chartered Institute of Personnel Development.

Equality & Human Rights Commission (age) - information related to age discrimination.



When thinking of working for any employer it is a good idea to check out their website and find out more about them, what their values are and how they align with yours. Look at what they have to say about equality and diversity and find out if they have any positive initiatives relating to age.

Diversity Matters (age) - Targetjobs and AGCAS information about age discrimination legislation and finding age positive employers.

The Shaw Trust 50 plus Services - supports individuals over 50 and runs the Age and Employment Network.

The Employment Network for Equality & Inclusion

Diversity jobs - age positive employers - diversity jobs works with both candidates and employers to promote inclusion.


Other resources:

Age Positive - DWP’s Age Positive initiative, which brings together research in this field.