Changing Your Course

Changing your Course

If you find yourself having doubts about your course of study or even your choice of university, it is important that you confront the issue without delay. You might find it helpful to speak to a careers adviser who can give you impartial advice and guidance about your options to help you decide your next steps. 

What you need to do

First of all, you need to act quickly. Leave it too late in the academic year and it could cost you!

Secondly, you need to have done your homework. Find out about alternative programmes that interest you. Refer to the on-line prospectus, talk to students and lecturers on the course, investigate career options. 

Thirdly, you will need to contact the Programme Leader for your current course of study to discuss your concerns as soon as possible. If you know what course you want to transfer into you should try to speak to the Programme Leader for that course too, and ensure that you are fully informed about the demands of the course, why you believe you would succeed on it and how it might better support your career ambitions - always be positive about your reasons for wanting to transfer. You need to be very sure that you are opting to change course for the right reasons and not, for example, because of one particular module that you might not be enjoying. The Programme Leaders for both courses will need to approve your transfer. When they have approved the transfer, your School will let Registry know and they will update your student record. 

You will also need to contact your funding body e.g. SAAS without delay to advise them of your decision. Putting this off for whatever reason can adversely affect your funding and result in unwanted tuition fees and/or loan repayments. Your funding body may require that you produce a Change of Programme Certificate. You can obtain one of these by emailing Student Records.

Should you want to transfer to a course at another university, you should do all the above. However you need to be aware that you may have to apply through UCAS taking into account their deadlines and other application requirements. You may find the UCAS course search tool useful in identifying alternative courses.