Careers for 'Any Degree Discipline'

Career Options for Any Degree Discipline

The range of career options open to you after graduation may be wider than you think. Many graduate jobs don’t specify the requirement for a particular degree subject; instead they expect students to provide evidence of relevant job related skills developed throughout their studies, and from other experiences such as internships, part-time jobs, volunteering, clubs or societies.

Typical career areas that don’t always require a specific degree subject include:

  • Management: Management training schemes can be found across many sectors and offer the opportunity for graduates to train for a specific role, or gain experience, across different areas of the business. This may include working in different departments before deciding on your main area of interest e.g. finance, human resources, commercial management, operations and supply chain management.
  • Information technology: Specialist roles will require students with computing and programming backgrounds, however there are opportunities for graduates with non-technical degrees in areas such as business analysis, IT consultancy and commercial opportunities.
  • Finance and professional services: Jobs are available for graduates from all degree disciplines, however you will need to demonstrate knowledge of, and interest in, the financial services sector and have good numeracy skills.  The finance sector includes accountancy firms (large and small), financial services (retail banks, insurance, pensions, financial advice) and professional services (organisations that supply audit, accountancy, advisory, consultancy and legal services to other organisations).