Career Planning

If you haven't a clue, if you've got some vague ideas but need to think them through, if your ideas are reasonably firm but you want help to prioritise or get more information, we can help. It is never too early to start. We're happy to work with you from first year onwards to beyond graduation - at whatever stage you’ve reached in your thinking. Career Planning is a process we want you to learn, not just for your first steps at GCU to your first graduate job, but for your continuing career development and career success throughout your life. Here’s what it involves:

Career Planning Roadmap

1. Questions for level one

Looking ahead there’s no getting away from the fact that employers want you to show that you used these years as a student to best advantage. What are you doing about that – joining clubs or societies, volunteering, part-time work? 

What are you learning about yourself and other people from your academic work and other areas of life as a student? We call that graduate attributes. Where do you feel you’re at, in terms of working towards your future career? What are you going to do next?

 2. Questions for level two

The summer break between second and third year could be a great time to make a change, and to show employers that you can go out of your comfort zone and be proactive. Have a think about a range of summer opportunities that you can get involved in – an internship, going abroad, changing to a different kind of part-time work to see a different kind of business.

What are you learning about careers, business/industry and about yourself from your part-time work and other activities?

Where do you feel you’re at in terms of working towards your future career? What are you going to do next?

 3. Questions for level 3

How accurate is your understanding of your experience, skills and attributes at this stage?

How well have you researched the job you’d most like to do, and what about research into other career options?

Have you registered with the Careers Service vacancies service and identified other sources of new graduate vacancies?

 4. Questions for final year (and placement / internship applications in earlier years)

Is your CV good to go?

Are you organised and ready to make applications to advertised graduate positions, and to network and make speculative applications?

How ready are you to handle interviews?

Some Initial Ideas

You should register with GCU's Jobs and Events service, and once you have done this you can use the same username and password to check out Career Planner. Use this to: identify your skills and to find out what motivates you in a job; to see how these match any jobs you are considering; generate new job ideas; research your matched jobs in more detail; and to find out which is your closest match. Career Report from Target jobs is another good resource to help you explore your options.

Jobs By Subject

For an overview of jobs directly related to your subject of study, and for other similar jobs that you may wish to consider, we recommend our national partners - Prospects for "What can I do with my degree?" and TargetJobs' "Degree Subjects: Your Career Options".

Subject in Detail

To research jobs related to your subject in more detail, find out more about the industry, possible employers, professional bodies and specialist recruitment resources, the Careers Library can help you further. This is your ‘must have’ resource for finalising your career choice and researching for the recruitment process. Choose the subject that’s the closest to your degree subject from our 'Options With My Degree Subject' list.