Host a Career Conversation

It was wonderful to meet the students and to talk with them. Overall we spoke to 86 students and we have 36 students who we highlighted as star candidates who we will get in contact...

Tahra Taj
Area Recruiter (Scotland & Ireland), H&M

Career Conversations offer you the opportunity to discuss your job opportunities and recruitment practices with students. You can also explore a range of career and employability topics such as work experience, career options and industry trends.

This innovative approach has increased student engagement by more than 50%.

Why host a Career Conversation?

  • Benefit from professional business advice and expertise to help target your recruitment.
  • Raise your profile with future graduate talent.
  • Discuss your job opportunities and what’s happening in your company/industry.
  • Enjoy the informal environment and increased visibility of this easy way of working, bring a display stand if you want.
  • If your company is not actively recruiting, a Career Conversation is a fantastic way of helping our students to learn about job roles, work experience and industry as part of their preparation for their working life as a graduate.

For more information or to book a Career Conversation please get in touch with Donna Cooper.