Statement of Service for Students and Graduates


Statement of service for students and graduates                                                                           

As a student or recent graduate of Glasgow Caledonian University you may be interested in knowing what support you’re entitled to from the Careers Service. We are here to help you to make the most of your time at university to enable you to use your qualifications, skills, personal qualities and experience in planning your future career direction.


What we offer

We offer a range of services to prospective, current students and graduates of the university. We work with academic colleagues to provide appropriate careers education in curriculum where possible. Where this is not possible we offer a range of services and information as outlined below.


Careers Advice & Guidance

We have a team of fully qualified careers advisers provide a confidential, impartial and professional service.


Career Clinics

We offer short, 15 minute appointments via our clinics, to allow you to have a short discussion with an adviser. This is enough time to ask a few questions or check one CV, cover letter, LinkedIn profile or application so please do be realistic about what we can achieve in this time. Before your appointment do make use of our online information where you may find the answer to many common questions. Our website can be accessed by clicking here.


Careers Appointments

Careers appointments provide an opportunity for students and graduates to hold an in depth discussion with a careers adviser These can last up to 45 minutes and can be booked online from our website.


Practice Interviews

These give you the chance to practice your interview skills and receive feedback to help you to prepare for any interviews. You will be asked to provide a copy of your application form or CV and job description at least 3 working days in advance. Booking can be made on our website, you will then receive an email with instructions on how to provide the details of the job and your application.


Appointments and clinics are currently restricted to level 3,4,5 students, postgraduate students and graduates who left the University within the past two years. Appointments do get added where we are able and a cancelled appointment will become available immediately online. Please do keep looking for available times.

We operate a fair use policy, where students and graduates are offered a maximum of 4 careers appointments and 4 clinic appointments in any 365 days.



If you graduated from GCU less than 2 years ago you can still access our services. Appointments with a careers adviser can be booked here. Please note we operate during normal office hours. Questions can also be asked via the appointments/vacancy system “Ask a question” tab.


Careers Information and Communications

The Careers Service aims to provide up to date resources enabling you to make informed decisions matching your skills, abilities and preferences with the opportunities available. A range of take away information is available in the Careers Centre - find us at the Campus Life Lounge, level 1, George Moore Building.

We provide comprehensive information on our website, and if you are looking to keep in touch with the very latest Careers Service news you can do this via our Blog, Twitter and Facebook pages. We will strive to keep all information up to date and accurate and may in the future add to our methods of communication.


Employer events, presentations and career development workshops

These are organised by the Careers Service and may be offered centrally or via your course.  Occasionally we may ask you to sign up for these.  If this is the case, you should inform us in advance if you are unable to attend so that we can reallocate your place.



We provide a quality vacancy system for all students and graduates of GCU. This contains part time jobs both on and off campus, voluntary opportunities, work experience, internships and graduate jobs. Our team ensure that all opportunities are relevant for our students and graduates covering as many occupational areas as possible. This system is specifically for GCU, providing local, national and international opportunities.

This service is free for our students to use and for the employers who post on this site. We ensure that all vacancies comply with relevant laws and we follow the Code of Ethics set by Association of Graduate Careers Advisory Service (AGCAS). We also comply with the published Code of Practice for Higher Education Student Employment Services, issued by the National Association of Student Employment Services (NASES).

Registration for the vacancy system can be found by clicking here.


Our commitment to you

We will:

•    Provide appropriate information, advice or guidance, or if necessary, refer you to an alternative agency

•    Work with you where possible on your course to support your career decision-making, opportunity awareness and applications beyond university

•    Give you access to a careers appointment within 3 weeks, if we fail to meet this target please contact our Head of Service  

•    A response to email enquiries within 5 working days

•    Be professional, confidential and impartial when handling of your enquiry

•    Keep your personal details in accordance with the university’s Data Protection Policy 

•    Abide by the Association of Graduate Careers Advisory Services (AGCAS) Code of Ethics and Glasgow Caledonian University’s Equality and Diversity Policy


What we expect from you

•    That you are a current student or have graduated within the last two years from a senate awarded course at Glasgow Caledonian University.  For further details about eligibility to use our services click here.

•    Awareness that the process of choosing, changing or developing your career can take time – results are not always immediate.

•    That in preparation for your appointment you undertake if possible to use our careers information resources in order to research your enquiry.

•    A personal commitment to work towards the goals that are defined.

•    If you have booked an appointment or an event, that you notify us as soon as possible if you are unable to attend the activity through whichever system you used to booked.

•    In order that we can answer your careers enquiry fully, you provide us with relevant information in good time (e.g. job description and CV/application form 3 days prior to a practice interview).

•    Take part in the national Graduate Outcomes Survey after you graduate and provide the University with accurate information.



We are committed to developing and continuously improving the quality of our services. We welcome any suggestions, comments or compliments you may have, and we carry out regular evaluations to find out how students and other users experience our service.  If you have any concerns regarding our services please inform us as soon as possible in order that we can try to resolve them.

You can contact the Head of the Careers Service, Katrina Forbes, in writing, by email at:  or by telephoning 0141 331 3123. Any formal complaints are dealt with in accordance with the university complaints and grievance procedure for students, which you can find by clicking here.

If you graduated from GCU less than 2 years ago you can still access our services. Appointments with a Careers Adviser can be booked via link. Please note we operate during normal office hours. Questions can also be asked via the appointments/vacancy system “Ask a question” tab.