• Translations


The CAPP was translated into German in 2008 by Denis Köhler and Hanna Heinzen. The German version of the CAPP is currently being validated and available for research purposes only.

For further information or for copies of the German translation of the CAPP, please contact:

Prof Dr Denis Köhler
FH-Düsseldorf/ University of Applied Sciences Düsseldorf
FB Sozial- und Kulturwissenschaften (06)
Merowingerplatz 1/ Raum 053
40225 Düsseldorf
E: denis.koehler@fh-duesseldorf.de
web: http://soz-kult.fh-duesseldorf.de/koehler

Dr Hanna Heinzen
Zentrum fur Integrative Psychiatrie Kiel
Niemannsweg, 147
24105 Kiel, Germany
T: +49 99003729
E: h.heinzen@zip-kiel.de

Denis Köhler_Hanna Heinzen

Denis Köhler is a Professor of Psychology and has worked as a forensic psychologist in a juvenile prison and a clinic for child and adolescent psychiatry in Germany for several years. He is a licensed clinical psychologist and supervisor. Denis Köhler has published several international papers and books (in German) on personality, psychopathy, severe violent crimes and mental disorders.

Hanna Heinzen is a forensic psychologist working with incarcerated and non-incarcerated violent offenders at the ‘Zentrum für Integrative Psychiatrie Kiel’.