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The CAPP will be translated into Finnish in 2012 by Eila Repo-Tiihonen and Matti Vanhanen.

For further information on the Finnish translation of the CAPP, please contact:

Dr Eila-Repo Tiihonen
Medical Director
Niuvanniemi Hospital
Niuvankuja 65
FI-70240 Kuopio

T: +358 17 203 204
Gsm +358 447 203 204
Fax: +358 17 203 494
E: eila.tiihonen@niuva.fi

Eila Repo-Tiihonen

Eila Repo-Tiihonen, MD, PhD, is Specialist in Psychiatry and Forensic Psychiatry. She is currently a Medical Director at Niuvanniemi Hospital, which is one of two state mental hospitals in Finland (for further details see http://www.niuva.fi/english/index_en.htm). She is also Assistant Professor in Forensic Psychiatry, University of Eastern Finland, and Assistant Professor in Psychiatry, University of Helsinki.

Matti Vanhanen

Matti Vanhanen, PhD, works as a neuropsychologist at Niuvanniemi Hospital. He completed his PhD studies in 1998 on glucose-intolerance and cognitive functions in dementia. He has since been working in the Department of Neurology, and since 2004 as a clinical neuropsychologist with schizophrenic patients at Niuvanniemi Hospital.