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CalShell Partnership Event

New ideas arising from the CalShell partnership were showcased at a partnership event in November 2011. The event attracted a good mix of colleagues from the public and private sectors; participants from global corporations, SMEs, UK Universities, government and organisations including the Knowledge Transfer Partnership.

The event was opened by Glasgow Caledonian’s Principal and Vice Chancellor, Professor Pamela Gillies, who highlighted the importance of industry- academia partnership in driving innovation across the sectors.

Mark Batho, Executive Director of the Scottish Funding Council (the government organisation responsible for all Scottish Universities) followed with an interesting presentation on ‘skills for a successful economy’, stressing the importance of developing individuals who have the skills and motivation to respond to the demands of industry.  

Dr Sebastian Graeb-Konneker, Global Deputy Head, Design, Shell international, highlighted the benefits of industry - academia partnerships.

Professor Allison Littlejohn (Shell Senior Researcher and Academy Director), Dr Anoush Margaryan (Shell Research Fellow and Lecturer in Learning Technology) and Dr Colin Milligan (Shell Research Fellow and Academy Research Fellow) outlined ideas and results generated through the core research project.

The CalShell presentations are available on Slideshare.

Presentations were followed by a lively discussion on implications for the corporate and education sectors led by the speakers along with Caledonian Pro Vice Chancellor for Research, Professor Mike Smith.

Video clips of each of the presentations are provided below: