CalShell Partnership

Exploring Innovative and Dynamic Approaches to Technology Enhanced Self-Directed Learning

CalShell is an action-research partnership with Shell Learning, (Shell International BV) to investigate innovative and dynamic approaches to technology-enhanced learning. The aim of the partnership is to develop approaches and tools to support self-directed learning in the workplace. In particular, the partnership will explore the role of self-directed learning during transition from education to workplace, focusing on processes and systems that can significantly improve knowledge flow between novices and experts within the organisation.

Accelerating time to competence and increasing learning productivity during transition has been identified by governments, the industry and trade bodies as a critical factor in improving competitiveness and profitability within the European economy. Central to improving learning productivity is the ability of individuals to ‘chart’ their own learning and development pathways. In this partnership we developed and explored the ideas of Charting. Charting allows individuals to set their own learning paths, determine their own goals and tasks, assess their current knowledge and develop a plan of action to achieve their personalised objectives.

Emerging adaptive and intuitive technologies can source and reuse other peoples’ learning trails to identify optimal learning activities tailored to individual’s personal goals. Through charting, individuals take responsibility for their own learning, making use of the collective knowledge within the organisation and beyond to meet their needs. In addition to consuming existing collective knowledge, individuals can also contribute their own knowledge and experiences to the collective through the use of wikis and other social software and so continue to enhance the collective intelligence of the organisation. With collective learning and charting, learners can exploit the value of the network to connect with interested experts or identify useful learning resources.

Sharing collective knowledge will not only help maximise the effectiveness of learning for Shell employees around the world, but these new approaches have the potential to transform learning across education sectors within Scotland and beyond. GCU has been leading discussions with prominent research institutes and organisations across Europe to identify future processes and technologies required for collective learning.