Literacy Programme

Literacy skills are key to providing young people with the best platform from which to engage fully with learning and are essential in work and life.  The consequences of a low level of literacy can severely impede a young person’s ability to succeed and thrive and prevent them from reaching their potential.  
The Literacy Programme works with selected P2 pupils, providing additional support in order to consolidate and reinforce the work undertaken in class. The programme, through paired reading and phonics-based activities, works with pupils to help improve literacy levels as well as confidence and enjoyment in reading. Sessions are led by trained Literacy Mentors.

Who do we work with?

Teaching staff select pupils to participate in the programme based on their Primary One Literacy Assessment and Action Resource (POLAAR) results as well as through their understanding of who will benefit from the additional support.

How does it work?

Our Literacy Mentors visit pupils at their school. Each pupil has one-to-one paired reading with their mentor before joining a small group (3 x pupils) to work with a pair of Literacy Mentors on a range of phonics activities. Pupils have two sessions per week.Teachers have reported positive behaviour changes including greater confidence in reading aloud, greater enthusiasm for reading, and improvement in reading vocabulary from participating pupils.