GCU London Club

Arts & Language

Year 3 Digital Book Project

Adding to the ever successful, ‘Molly and Cally Adventure Series’, this project enables Year 3 pupils to further explore an area of their class topic or learning theme by researching, writing and illustrating their own book.

With the help of an author, artist, drama leader and student mentor role models, pupils are able to express their creativity both individually and as a group to develop the ideas for their story and the accompanying artwork. GCU Graphic Design students then convert their work into a book. The project concludes with a book launch celebration with family and friends, where pupils are shown the digital animated version of their book before being gifted their very own paper copy. 


Reception Year Campus Visit & Eat Well Follow-up

Starting in school on day one of this two-day project, pre-school reception pupils are visited by student mentors and drama leaders to learn about healthy eating. Pupils work together to learn about different food groups and their benefits before they learn the ‘Eat Well Song’.

On day two of the project, pupils, parents and teachers visit GCU London to meet the characters of Molly and her mum, who help the children understand where they are in their own educational journey. Children take part in university-related activities designed for their age and stage while parents are invited to take a tour of the campus and find out more about the London Club.

Year 6 Online Yearbook

Before taking the next step on their educational pathway, Year 6 pupils undertake the Y6 Online Yearbook project reflecting on their time at primary school. Pupils work alongside student mentors and expert leaders to design a range of different materials, including photos, stories, and artwork depicting some of their favourite memories from primary school.  Their creative pieces are then brought together as an online digital yearbook that pupils can access with their unique code.