Arts & Language

Providing opportunities for pupils to explore, develop and celebrate their creativity the P2 ‘Digital Book’ Project, P5 ‘Uni Day’ Project and P7 Newsletter combine art, language and theatricals in their delivery.

P2 Digital Book Project

Adding to the ever successful, ‘Molly and Cally Adventure Series’, this project enables Primary 2 pupils to further explore an area of their class topic or learning theme by researching, writing and illustrating their own book. With the help of an author, artist, drama leader and student mentor role models, pupils are able to express their creativity both individually and as a group to develop the ideas for their story and the accompanying artwork.

GCU Graphic Design students then convert their work into a book. The project concludes with a book launch celebration with family and friends, where pupils are shown the digital animated version of their book before being gifted their very own paper copy. To date there are 19 books available to view on the Caledonian Club website, with more being produced by new Primary 2 classes each year.

P5 ‘Uni Day’ Project

This project begins in school, where pupils take part in team building games to get to know their student mentors before undertaking a ‘Rhythm and Rhyme’ poetry workshop led by a drama expert. The pupils then use these skills to write a poem based on their curriculum topic.

In the second phase, pupils visit GCU for a day, learning about the campus through a fun team quiz and taking part in their very first lecture focusing on creating their mural. An artist then works closely with the pupils to create a large relief mural depicting each verse of their poem. Through taking part in this project pupils can see for themselves what university life is like, and develop further skills in teamwork, communication, lateral thinking and creativity. The mural is then displayed and celebrated at a showcase in school to which parents and family are invited to attend.

P7 ‘Newsletter’ Project

Before taking the next step on their educational pathway, Primary 7 pupils work together to create a newsletter reflecting on their time at primary and thinking ahead to secondary school.

Working alongside student mentors and expert leaders, pupils engage in creative activities to design a range of different materials, including photos, stories, and artwork depicting some of their favourite memories from primary school. Their work is then given to GCU students to convert into newsletter format and the finished article is given back to pupils at the end of the school year as a memento of time in primary school. As well as enhancing skills in arts and language, it also helps pupils to prepare for their transition to secondary school.