St Monica's Primary



The Ocean Floor

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So excited to get on board
Getting ready to explore
Leaving the city behind
Right down to the ocean floor

The ocean is big and scary
It is deeper than you think
We’re in a fish submarine
That is so fast you can’t blink

The sun is very yellow
It’s light makes the top zone warm
Dancing waves clash together
The fish hope there’s not a storm

The sunlight zone is warm
We see dolphins, fish and rays
The seaweed is blue and green
And the sharks eat all the prey

The twilight zone is chilly
It feels very cold and dark
There’s not enough light for plants
The fish are eaten by sharks

On the twilight zone surface
Sometimes it is very bright
The creatures here are all thin
And also make their own light

So deep down it’s total black
The creepy zone of midnight
Fish with sharp teeth and a light
Will give you such a big fright

Creatures in the midnight zone
Angler fish and eels and squid
Predators sit still and wait
For creatures that have not hid

The Abyss is so scary
It’s absolutely freezing
It is super dark down here
Fish do not find this pleasing

This zone is hard to get to
We saw starfish and seapigs
There may be danger about
As the oceans are so big

Mural Monica

The Commonwealth is in Glasgow

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In every Commonwealth Games                                  
We always see the Queen
And all the different countries
Are following their dreams.

The much loved baton relay                  
Will tour for many days
It started in New Delhi
And will travel all this way.

Malaysia’s our twin city
They’re awfy good at cricket
We’ll watch and cheer them on
And help them take the wicket

Badminton is one of
The many different sports
Clyde the Thistle watches
As they lunge across the courts.

Commonwealth is coming
Say hi to Clyde the Thistle
He’s the Glasgow Mascot
Planted by Captain Bristle.

A great ape in the treetops
And Wira is his name
He was Malaysia’s mascot
In the past Commonwealth Games

The Commonwealth is in Glasgow
They are not here every day
The people will be driving
To cheer them on their way