St Bartholomew's Primary




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Thomas McCall built a bike,
It had two wheels big and small.
He added brakes for safety
So we would not trip and fall.

Henry Bell is so famous
For inventing the steamboat.
It went five miles an hour,
He made it so it could float!

Mary was a sad woman
Because she was all alone,
Till Mr Bell came along
To invent the telephone.

Alexander Fleming made
Lots of very special pills.
A good doctor from Ayrshire,
Cured people when they were ill.

Ian Donald’s a professor
An inventor of a scan.
Ultrasound is what it’s called,
It helps the mothers to plan.

James Chalmers was from Dundee,
He made the postage better.
He invented a cool stamp,
To stick upon your letter.

John Logie Baird was very swell,
He invented the TV.
Moving pictures, black and white,
It was fun for all to see.

Inventor William Cullen
Made a fridge that’s very cold.
Even though it’s very old,
Let’s all hope it won’t grow mould.

Mr Macintosh was smart,
He made a coat for the rain.
Macs he made were waterproof
For walking down the wet lane.

James Watt was born in Greenock,
And made an engine of steam.
It made lots of work and jobs
And helped him grow his team.