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Mural Scan-2014-glasgow

Glasgow 2014

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Out of all the many countries
Each one will have a team
There are lots of different sports
So we give thanks to our queen

Baton relay starts at the Palace
And travels to New Delhi
After running seventy countries
Their legs have turned to jelly!

The commonwealth is taking place
On the Banks of River Clyde
With all the amazing athletes
Glasgow is bursting with pride.

In summer 2014
All eyes are on the city.
I can promise you something
Glasgow will be so pretty.

Nicola Adams will be boxing
Tom Daley will be diving
Both of them will need to try
I’m sure they will be thriving.

During a game of netball
The ref will blow the whistle
The winner wins a trophy
Cheered on by Clyde the Thistle.

Natural Disasters – Scotland and Japan

Group 1

In Japan and in Scotland

There might be a disaster

While they’re eating sushi

Walls start to lose their plaster

Group 2

It’s scary when it’s windy

It brings in a lot of rain

It causes lots of havoc

With the cars and with trains

Group 3

Volcanoes make hot lava

Destroy houses in their way

They burn the trees and people

They have nowhere left to stay

Group 4

The earth was cracked by a ‘quake

It sounded like a rumble

Everyone was panicking

People started to tumble

Group 5

The mountain starts to crumble

Setting off some avalanches

Cold snow falls down the hillside

It breaks a lot of branches