Situated in southern Glasgow, the community of Castlemilk was developed in the 1950s as a solution to overcrowding from the inner city areas of Glasgow. Periods of regeneration have helped to develop the area into the community we know today, where the Club engages with:

  • Machrie Nursery School
  • St Bartholomew’s Primary School
  • St Margaret Mary’s Secondary School
Dennistoun & Haghill

Situated north of the River Clyde in the East End of Glasgow, Dennistoun and Haghill have seen significant improvements in the material circumstances of the population over the past 20 years.  The Club works with:

  • Haghill Nursery Class
  • Haghill Park Primary School
  • Whitehill Secondary School

The second of the Club communities to be built as a solution to overspill from the centre of Glasgow, Drumchapel remains popular with many of its residents and is now going through its second regeneration with promises of better schools, better homes and higher employment. Within Drumchapel the Caledonian Club works with:

  • Cloan Nursery School
  • Chesters Nursery School
  • Camstradden Primary School
  • Drumchapel High School
Milton & Barmulloch

The Club’s second community in the north of Glasgow, Milton and Barmulloch is currently undergoing extensive change, including the development of community spaces and venues.  Another of our sizeable communities, the Club works with:

  • Milton Nursery School
  • St Monica’s (Milton) Primary School
  • All Saints Secondary School

Following comprehensive redevelopment post-second world war, the close-knit community of Springburn that once stood was all but unrecognisable.  The area has undergone further renovation in recent years, and is now one of the Club’s largest community partners.  Situated in the north of Glasgow, the Club engages with:

  • Elmvale Nursery
  • Elmvale Primary School
  • Springburn Academy