Our Guiding Principle

In line with Glasgow Caledonian University’s motto, ‘For the Common Weal’, the Caledonian Club is committed to working in partnership with, and for the benefit of, local communities. Since its establishment in 2008 the Caledonian Club has demonstrated its long-term commitment to each community, championing the value of education, and supporting children, young people, and families to achieve their potential.

Through the work of the Club our members are provided with experiences, information, and guidance to empower them in their decision making about future destinations. A key feature of all Caledonian Club work is the use of student mentors. Many of our mentors come from within our partner communities and are therefore positive and successful role models for our Club members.

What We Do

  • Raise aspirations in young people and families
  • Build key life skills in our Club members and Student Mentors
  • Enhance school curriculum by providing unique learning opportunities

How We Do It

  • We work in five communities in Glasgow and one community in London
  • We work with children from 3–18 years and their families
  • We utilise GCU Student Mentors as positive role models
  • We deliver project-based activity in-school and campus

Core Programme Areas

Arts & Language

  • P2 ‘Digital Book’ Project
  • P5 ‘Poetry & Mural’ Project
  • P7 ‘Newsletter’ Project


  • Nursery Campus Visit
  • S1 Project
  • S6 Mentoring Programme

Future Aspirations

  • S3 ‘Think Ahead’ Project
  • S5 Project
  • S6 Shadowing Experience


  • S6 Professor’s Challenge