Become a Mentor

Working on the literacy project has been a rewarding and memorable experience. I began the project extremely nervous, as I had no idea what to expect from the children and the project itself. As the weeks went by I became more confident and comfortable working with the children and began to recognise each child’s own personal strengths and weaknesses. As the project is drawing to an end, I will really miss working with the children.

Literacy Mentor

The opportunity to volunteer as a Literacy Mentor is a unique way to engage with your local community and participate in a rewarding and exciting programme.

Whilst there is no ‘one type’ of person suited to being a Literacy Mentor some points to help you decide your own suitability are: 

  • Literacy Mentors should be competent readers who enjoy reading
  • Literacy Mentors need to be comfortable and confident around children (P2 pupils are aged 5-7)
  • Literacy Mentors should be friendly, patient and have good observation skills


All Literacy Mentors will participate in a training programme focusing on paired reading, phonics and working with pupils. Existing Literacy Mentors will reflect on their experience and support new mentors during training. Combined wtih the information session the Caledonian Club team provides an open platform for discussion and development throughout the process.  


Taxis are scheduled to leave from GCU and take Literacy Mentors to and from their allocated school. If preferred, and discussed in advance to ensure suitability, Literacy Mentors can make their own travel arrangements.