Literacy Mentors

In 2015 the Caledonian Club launched a new programme with the aim of challenging the attainment gap at its core. Building on the Club's digital book project at P2 which focuses on creating a love of reading and story telling the team developed a targeted literacy programme. Now entering its fifth year, the P2 Literacy Programme works with selected pupils to help improve literacy skills as well as confidence and enjoyment in reading.

Since its launch, the P2 Literacy Programme has worked with over 180 pupils on paired reading and phonics. Sessions are led by trained Literacy Mentors and the team consists of undergraduate students and alumni of the university. Literacy Mentors visit pupils at school, delivering one-to-one paired reading before working together with a group of three pupils on phonics based lessons. Literacy Mentors work with the same pupils each week and aim to build a positive and supportive relationship that encourages engagement with learning.

Programme Structure

The P2 Literacy Programme consists of two 8-week blocks and is developed to ensure time out of class is kept to a minimum. The school selects pupils and will decide if they should participate in both Block 1 and 2 based on need and progression. During a session, pupils start with twenty-minutes of paired reading before working in a small group for twenty-minutes of phonics based activities. Pupils participate in two sessions per week.

Key Dates

Due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and restrictions the Caledonian Club Literacy Programme is currently unable to work directly with pupils in our partner schools. 

Block 1


  • Wednesday 21st August at 3:30pm in room W110: Information Session 


  • week commencing 9th - Literacy Mentor Training 
  • w/c 16th - In-school meetings with teachers and pupils
  • w/c 23rd - Programme Launch at GCU


  • w/c 1st Block 1 starts
  • Mon 14th - Fri 18th October Break


  • w/c 25th Block 1 ends


  • w/c 2nd - Post-block assessments 
  • w/c 9th - End of block celebration 
Block 2


  • week commencing 10th - Literacy Mentor Training 
  • w/c 24th - In-school meetings with teachers and pupils


  • w/c 2nd Programme launch at GCU
  • w/c 9th Block 2 starts


  • Friday 3rd Schools close for Easter Holidays
  • Monday 20th Schools return from Easter Holidays


  • w/c 11th Block 2 ends
  • w/c 18th - Post block assessment 
  • w/c 26th - End of block celebration