Bursaries better future for record number of GCU students

10 January 2013

Bursaries better future for record number of GCU students

GHA awarded a record number of bursaries

A record number of GCU students has been awarded bursaries worth up to £1,500 by GHA and Cube Housing Association.

The Better Futures Fund Bursary programme awarded more than 200 bursaries to GHA and Cube Housing Association tenants or their children last year to help with travel expenses, textbooks, childcare or other costs necessary to their studies.

Thirty-nine students from Glasgow Caledonian University – the highest number of bursaries awarded to students from a single university or college – attended the awards ceremony last month at GHA’s headquarters in Trongate.

Kirsty MacInnes, Student Funding, Bursary and Scholarship Team Leader, said: “This funding is a welcome addition to students at an increasingly difficult financial time. Students are struggling to get part time jobs and families and are continually feeling the pressure to support them. This funding will help to alleviate some of these pressures and enable the student to focus primarily on their studies.”

GCU student Ruth Kelly, 23, from Eastwood, East Renfrewshire, who is studying Psychology at Glasgow Caledonian University, said: “The grant has really helped me continue with my studies. I was able to use the money to buy a laptop and books and financially support myself, which I was struggling to do before and therefore considering dropping out. This fund has insured that I finish my degree”.

GCU student Faithful Abel, 49, from Sighthill, Glasgow, who is studying Business Technology and Enterprise at Glasgow Caledonian University, said: “I had accumulated debt and was struggling to pay it off. This fund has helped me pay my debt, which means I can concentrate on my studies. It has made things easier for me and I would encourage other students to get in touch.”

GHA’s Director of Housing and Support Services, Fanchea Kelly, said: “The programme aims to help increase access to further and higher education for people in our communities and we’re really pleased 200 people will benefit from one of our bursaries. I wish all our students every success with their studies.”

Applications for next academic year’s bursaries open early in 2013 through the GCU website.

Students can also keep up to date with any bursary news at the GHA site or Facebook page.