Bob Eggington reveals BBC News Online launch insights

22 August 2016

Bob Eggington reveals BBC News Online launch insights

Bob Eggington, the man who spearheaded the BBC’s online news service almost 20 years ago, will give an insight into the development of the site when he delivers a talk at Glasgow Caledonian University (GCU) next month.

Mr Eggington will speak to students and staff about the launch of BBC News Online, the challenges he faced, and share what he learned from his experience as director of the project. He will also give his views on multiplatform news-gathering in the present day.

A journalist for more than 40 years, Mr Eggington trained at local newspapers and a freelance press agency before joining the BBC, where he stayed for almost 30 years. While at the BBC, Mr Eggington held several senior positions, including Head of Political Programmes and Editor of the General News Service, before taking on the role of Project Director for the corporation’s initial foray into online news in 1997.

Since leaving the BBC, he has worked as a digital consultant and entrepreneur, with clients including Reuters, the British Medical Journal, the Wellcome Trust and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

‘Pulling up the drawbridge: the development and launch of BBC News Online’ will take place at GCU on Wednesday, September 21.