Adviser to Scottish Government becomes honorary professor

02 March 2011

Adviser to Scottish Government becomes honorary professor

Dr Gary Gillespie

A senior economic adviser to the Scottish Government has been appointed an Honorary Professor at Glasgow Caledonian University.

Dr Gary Gillespie, Deputy Director of the Office of the Chief Economic Advisor (OCEA), Strategy and Ministerial Support Directorate, Scottish Government, will give an annual “state-of-the-economy” lecture in his new role within Caledonian Business School.

He will also work with the school’s Department of Economic Studies and International Business Teaching and Research.
Dr Ailsa McKay, of CBS, said: “I am delighted on behalf of CBS to welcome Dr Gary Gillespie as an Honorary Professor in the Department of Economics and International Business. 

“Dr Gillespie will act as an important link between the department and the policy-making community and will support, strengthen and consolidate the department’s applied research interests, as well as deliver an annual state-of-the-economy lecture to our staff and students.”
Dr Gillespie added: “Glasgow Caledonian University has a track record of quality research in this area and I will be happy to support closer links between economic researchers and policy makers. 

“This is a great honour for me personally but I also believe recognition of the quality of economic analysis done within government.”