Press and broadcasting regulation issues raised at Media in Scotland conference

14 January 2015

Press and broadcasting regulation issues raised at Media in Scotland conference

David Strachan addresses the Media in Scotland conference

The newspaper and magazine industry needs a regulator to help rebuild public trust in the press following the failings of the Press Complaints Commission, Honorary Professor in Journalism and Media at Glasgow Caledonian University Charles McGhee told delegates at GCU’s one-day conference ‘The Media in Scotland: After the Referendum’.

The former editor of The Herald in Glasgow, Mr McGhee is a board member of the new Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO), which was established in September 2014 following the windup of the Press Complaints Commission (PCC) after criticism for its lack of action in the News International phone hacking scandal and the subsequent Leveson Inquiry.

IPSO has greater powers of sanction against publishers and is supported by legally binding agreements with the publishers. It can also determine the placement of a newspaper’s apology for any breach of the Editors’ Code of Practice.

Speakers at the Media in Scotland conference also presented their views on the broadcasting industry.

David Strachan of producer Tern TV criticised TV networks for “institutionalised incompetence” in dealing with regional production.

He told delegates that, despite regional broadcasting targets, the networks are heavily dominated by the South East of England, representing Scotland as a “small nation in a union dominated by a much larger nation”.

He called for networks to base commissioners in Scotland and to entrust them with the power to build sustainable relationships with “indigenous” producers.