Denise Restauri - In Business, it’s Personal: Brutally Honest Tales

Denise Restauri - In Business, it’s Personal: Brutally Honest Tales
  • Date: Tuesday 31 March 2015
  • Time: 17:30 - 20:00
  • Location: Deeprose Theatre, Glasgow Caledonian University
  • For: All welcome

Denise Restauri, CEO of GirlQuake and Forbes contributor knew that women were doing more than looking for a date in their 30s, so she interviewed over 100 women who are breaking barriers (personally and professionally) and wrote a Forbes book: Their Roaring Thirties, Brutally Honest Career Talk From Women Who Beat The Youth Trap.

In this free Masterclass, Denise will share stories from female executives, lawyers, artists, professors and entrepreneurs -- and provide a vital perspective on the challenges they face (amid relationships and biological clocks), along with their tips and tricks to succeed in business and beyond. Truths as opposed to sugarcoated narratives. Stories about perseverance, fearlessness and success – from how to become president of a $1 billion company by age 32 or help start a revolution in Afghanistan at 30.

The stories are about women, but this Masterclass will be eye opening for women and men of all ages. Denise will offer powerful pieces of advice that will give millennials tips on what’s to come, help thirtysomethings navigate through this decade, and show Baby Boomers what drives the women building tomorrow’s great companies.


Please note that this event is at 5.30pm for a 6pm start