Profitable sustainability discussed by Cara Smyth

22 June 2018
From left: Nina Farran, Founder of Fashionkind, and Whitney Bauck, Assistant Editor at Fashionista, with Cara Smyth.

Glasgow Caledonian New York College Vice-President Cara Smyth has addressed the annual FashionistaCon summit on sustainability in the industry. 

She was joined at the annual event, which brings together industry leaders, by Mara Hoffman, Founder and President of Mara Hoffman; Aurora James,Creative Director of Brother Vellies; and CEO/Founder of Fashionkind, Nina Farran on a panel moderated by Fashionista editor, Whitney Bauck to discuss How to Make Your Fashion Brand More Sustainable.

Cara said: “Each panellist discussed taking meaningful steps towards a responsible value chain, beyond using buzzwords in a brand’s marketing terms or by producing capsule collections. Drawing upon the research of the change maker GCNYC Fair Fashion Center, I discussed profitable sustainability and was able to offer insight into proving the business case for sustainability.”

A full-length write up on the panel, provided by Fashionista, can be accessed here.